Act of Aggression (PC)

Act of Aggression (PC)

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  • Release Date May 29, 2015
  • Platform PC
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Product description


Act of Aggression is the latest RTS game from the creators of the popular Wargame series, and more or less a sequel to Act of War.

In AoA, you will experience two campaigns in the near future between 2020 and 2030. The private military corporation "The Cartel" with state of the art hightech weaponry faces off against the rather classically equipped US Army. Battles between both factions take place in locations all over the world, such as Mexico or Germany.

Combat in Act of Aggression is rather complex: Soldiers can seek shelter in buildings, but then again, all the buildings in AoA can be destroyed. Above that, there is a regular day and night change, sight distances and terrain types need to be considered, and much more.

The genre-typical base building lets you create over 60 types of buildings which need to be planned and placed sensibly to provide effective pathfinding. Also, diverse kinds of resources  must be protected from enemy attacks while transported to your home base.

About 70 different units with several variations (e.g. anti-tank or anti-aircraft), ranging from tanks and infantry units to jet fighters and combat helicopters, as well as super weapons that can be researched in the tech tree for a lot of money, provide a lot of diversity on the battlefield.

Much excitement can also be expected from the multiplayer mode of Act of Aggression. Are you ready for massive 20 vs 20 player battles?


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Act of Aggression (PC)